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Since 2013, I've been passionately supporting jobseekers of all fields and levels globally to embrace their next milestone and navigate career challenges using a virtual approach. The world of work is rapidly changing and calling us to tackle  challenges with zest and courage. Our lives have been revolutionized, and we need to understand our vision and mission moving forward for greater success.

In 2019, I earned my NLP Practitioner & Coach certification wtih Life Potential Developments and am on a quest to inspire people of various walks of life to see this global crisis as an grand awakening and unique opportunity to drive transformation and become their best self.

My style of coaching is personalized, interactive, results-driven, and transformational. You will feel more energized and empowered than ever before. My coaching employs a holistic, whole-person approach with a step-by-step method to helping you navigate transitions. I combine my passion for helping people along with holistic healing techniques and keen intuition to guide others in their life journey towards inner fulfillment and greater purpose.

My Areas of Specialty:

  • Understanding Your Divine Passion & Purpose

  • Your Career: A Reflection of Your Values & Beliefs

  • Understanding the Vicious Cycle of Job-Hopping Differently

  • Career Exploration & Decision-Making

  • Career Storytelling for Growth & Meaning

  • Career Transition

  • Reframing Your Career Mindset for Empowerment

  • Moving Past the 'Downsizing' and Reframing Your Narrative

  • Getting Past the Career Struggle towards Empowerment

  • Brand Marketing Collateral

  • Personal Branding: Understanding Your Essence

  • Interview Coaching

  • Career-Related Issues: Growth, Transforming Office Politics, Ethics, Bullying, Career Setbacks, and more!

  • Redefining Your Core Values for Greater Success

  • Discovering Your Best / Authentic Work Environment

  • Being Empowered at Work

  • Working Remotely and Efficiently 

  • Navigating a Modern Job Search

  • Strategic Job Search Planning

  • Leveraging the Hidden Job Market

  • Discovering a New Career Horizon

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Lori A. Jazvac

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