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Lori Jazvac offers a wide array of customized résumé packages and career coaching services to help you stay on top of your career development and management. Innovative...creative...strategic....empowering!


Do these concepts or issues pose a concern? How to...

 ☛  Navigate changing labour market trends and the freelance economy

 ☛ Gauge office politics and coping with toxic work environments  

 ☛ Find your passion and purpose -- your "soul career"

 ☛ Handle the challenges of a recent downsizing or restructuing

 ☛ Take the steps to make that much needed career change / transition

 ☛ Align your values with your work for a more prosperous career

 ☛ Work with recruiters to secure a contract or long-term role

 ☛ Position yourself for success with a stand-apart resume

 ☛ Conduct self-discovery and reflection as vital tools to a new career path


 ☛ Channel effective tools for career stress management

 ☛ Engage in personal branding -- knowing what is your unique selling proposition

 ☛ Drive your marketable skills: Keeping your skills fresh to gain a competitive edge

 ☛ Leverage social networks for positive networking

 ☛ Utilize career evaluations and assessments to maximize your career success

 ☛ Prepare effectively for job search using the right resources and tools for you!

 ☛ Interview with confidence and negotiate a lucrative job offer

 ☛ Uncover what happens after a job interview


These are just some of the concepts and issues that are addressed in career coaching upon your request. For more information about my services, view  or browse success stories.

Career Exploration & Decision-Making


Whether you are new graduate, entry-level or mid-level professional, or C-level executive facing a tough career transition, I can help you explore your best career choices and understand your passion and purpose. Using various tools and resources along with career planning, I can position you on the road to greater career success! 


Choose from a variety of career packages on my main website.

Interview Coaching


Do you struggle with interviewing? Are you having a challenging time presenting  yourself with employers? Do you ever experience difficulties with answering challenging interview questions?


The key to interviewing is understanding your Unique Value Proposition, but also practice. Allow my virtual interview coaching sessions via phone or Skype to help you regain the confidence to secure a lucrative job offer.

Arm yourself with solid tools and resources to help you succeed in interviews and break the confidence barrier!

Career Coaching using NLP


Do you have unanswered questions when it comes to your career? Do you feel like you need to express your career issues in a safe and supportive atmosphere?


Allow a Certified Employment Strategist and career consultant to guide you coaching session concerning your career plans, career challenges, and triumphs.


Whatever your career issue, I can offer you the brainstorming tools, resources, and strategies to overcome career-related obstacles and reach your goals.

Career News & Updates.


What if you could just find the missing piece to the job search puzzle with some guidance and resources? Imagine having all the career tools at your disposal whenever you need them.


My career resources come in the form of well-researched reports, guides, and packages.


Receive high-quality, updated information about career news and updates that matter to you! Empower yourself and your career.

Career Resources
Personal Branding 


To get ahead in your career, you need to be able to identify and understand your unique value proposition - what makes you stand apart. Allow me to help you determine your unique value proposition as part of your personal career brand.

Listen to my short presentation on 'Personal Career Branding' at CareerPro Conference.

Discover a whole new dimension to your career!

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